If you want to race a realistic 1967 season against the AI use the 1967 F1 Extra Mod - Historical Mod v2 (2015). If you want to race online, do hotlapping or race against the AI with a generic carset use the 1967 F1 Extra Mod - Online Edition (2018). 1967 F1 Extra Mod - Online Edition (2018) Marcos Mirande (mcmirande) and Chris (pioujd428, creator of the Historic Carsets) tweaked some things to get the 1967x mod work appropriately online. This release also contains a generic carset to race against the AI in every track and is suitable for ranks (gplrank and custom rank) too. Compared to the original 1967x mod, this release has: (1) just one carset, based on the 6th carset of the 1967x but with some different graphical options (2) recognition by iGOR (3) compatibility with v1 raterisers (4) slipstream from the 1969x mod, which is comparatively slighter than that of the 1966 mod, implemented in the original 1967x mod (5) lower power for the BT20, making difference with the BT24 (6) slightly tweaked physics in the McLaren M5A (7) some other minor tweaks in the physics (8) numbers and different helmets for all cars and graphical options when racing online. (9) a generic carset to race online with AI cars numbered and correct faces and helmets (10) a unique player.ini (play67.ini) providing support for ranks (11) a collection of hundreds of community setups for the original gpl cars with their extensions changed to be read (as base setups) for the mod. Eagle setups also provided with McLaren extension. Compared to original GPL cars: (1) addition of the McLaren M5A, Brabham BT20, Lotus 33 BRM, Brabham BT11, Cooper T79, Eagle T1F, BRM P261, and a generic Formula 2 slot. (2) graphical options for most cars with a total of 30 configurations. (3) tweaked physics, with different tyre model having comparatively more grip at lower speed and less grip at high speed, increased distance from which slipstream effect works, and a little increase in air resistance to speed Laptimes are comparable to those from original GPL cars, being probably a bit faster in slow tracks and slower in fast ones. Thanks a lot of all the GPL community, which made this mod possible. To Chris for the 1967x mod and all the tweaks in the physics herein implemented. Also thanks to the beta testers that gave their impressions about the mod. Marcos Mirande (mcmirande), Jun 18 2018 1967 F1 Extra Mod - Historical Mod v2 (2015) The 7 carsets completely cover the 1967 F1 season including the non-championship races with 99% accuracy. It contains everything that is needed to run the mod (layout, etc.). After downloading all that is needed is COPYING OR MOVING the GPL folders into your G.P.L install. You will need the original GPL tracks, Brands67, Oulton Park, Monacane, Syracuse, Spa 67, Le Mans Bugatti, Mosport Rain and Pavel's Mexico tires and curbs update to be able to run every race. Installation should only take about a minute if done correctly. The car specifications and folders change carset to carset to reflect the development of the cars in real life. For example the Ferrari in carset 1 will have early 67 weight and power of the 36v engine. It will have very small increases in power and reduction in weight up to carset 6 where the 48v is introduced for Monza. Carsets 6 and 7 have close to the original papyrus specifications. There are 15 physics and 31 car (folder) options for each carset. The contents of the car folders will change with each carset as well. I have tried to keep them as simple as possible but this was a must to 99% accurately include every entry in every race from 1967. This means that championships will only work with a small amount of car selections but there is no way around this. Some cars are only available at certain races and each carset has individual physics. With the extra space this has allowed the majority of the car graphics from the original historic mod to be improved. You will also find the cockpit needles and gauges line up much better than before. Other physics changes compared to the original 67s include tires having a much lower grip penalty when the temperature or pressure is low to be more realistic especially for the low power cars. Slipstream/draft is now the same as the 66 mod. So these cars should behave a little different to the 67 originals. The AI work great for me overall. However even though I have set their global hype to 1 you will still need to set some laps for them to adjust to your times. This is a bit of a pain but there is no more I can do. I have included the race/pass.lps that the drvx67.inis were made to work with. Most of them are from Pavel's updates. These are purely for the offline GPLer. They are NOT for online or ranking. If someone wants to help with putting together 600 online skins let me know and we can make an online carset. All credits and thanks go to Gianfranco, Richard, Lee, Ginetto, everyone at the GPLR and the creators of the original historical carsets. Chris (pioujd428), Dec 29 2015