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Welcome to the 1967 F1 Extra Mod Online Edition & Historical Mod v2 for Grand Prix Legends

The 1967 F1 Extra Mod - Online Edition for Grand Prix Legends (GPL) was released in 2018, predecessor was the 1967 F1 Extra Mod - Historical Mod v2 for Grand Prix Legends (GPL) in 2015. The 1967 World Automobile Championship was the 18th season of the Automobile World Championship, which is now known as the Formula 1 World Championship. It hosted over eleven races in the period from 2 January 1967 to 22 October 1967, the Drivers' World Championship and the International Cup of Formula 1 Constructors. The season also included a number of non-championship races for Formula One cars. The FIA Honorary FIA Grand Prix of Europe title was awarded to the Italian Grand Prix in 1967. Denis Hulme won the drivers' world championship for the first and only time. Brabham became constructors' world champion for the second time. Season summary Formula 1 1967 At the Dutch Grand Prix, Lotus unveiled the new Ford-sponsored Cosworth DFV engine which was to be one of the outstanding racing engines of all time, winning 155 Grands Prix, Le Mans and Indianapolis. Although Jim Clark won four races, Denny Hulme took the title by virtue of his greater consistency. The Repco V8 in his Brabham, which had been the engine to have in 1966, had been surpassed in the power stakes and had to fall back on its reliability. At Monza, Clark pitted to replace a tyre, made up a lap to retake the lead, only to run out of fuel on the last lap; a drive that confirmed his status as one of the all-time greats. Dan Gurney's Eagle won its only victory, and Pedro Rodríguez gave Cooper their last win in a dramatic South African Grand Prix in which John Love came close to victory in his outdated and privately entered Cooper-Climax. Hulme became the first of two drivers to win the title without achieving a single pole position in the season. Only Niki Lauda managed to repeat this feat in 1984. He is also the only New Zealander to win the World Championship of Drivers. Two drivers died in Formula One related events in 1967. Ferrari driver Lorenzo Bandini died in a fiery accident during the Monaco Grand Prix on 10 May. While running second behind Hulme's Brabham BT20 on lap 82 (of 100), Bandini lost control of his Ferrari 312 when he clipped a guardrail going into the Harbor Chicane. He went into an erratic skid before hitting a light pole and overturning. When the Ferrari then hit the trackside straw bales its fuel tank exploded into flames with Bandini trapped underneath. Suffering burns to more than 70% of his body, Bandini died in hospital three days later. British driver Bob Anderson died on 27 August during a test at Silverstone driving a Brabham. Anderson slid off the track in wet conditions and hit a marshals post, suffering serious chest and neck injuries. He later died in the nearby Northampton General Hospital. Short news Formula 1 1967 The Ford Cosworth engine celebrates its premiere at the Dutch Grand Prix with a victory by Jim Clark. Lorenzo Bandini dies after a fire accident in Monaco. Bob Anderson is killed on August 14th during Formula 1 testing in Silverstone. Georges Berger is killed on August 23 at the Marathon de la Route at the Nürburgring. The Nürburgring turns 40. There are two winners at the Syracuse Grand Prix: The two Ferraris of Mike Parkes and Ludovico Scarfiotti finish at the same time. Denis Hulme becomes World Champion with only two victories, and in addition, he has never held the pole position - something that only Niki Lauda has been able to emulate so far in the 1984 Formula 1 season. Partly from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia